Friday, October 17, 2008

chapters 4-7 The game

What was the Boo Radley game? Why do Dill and Jem want to give Boo Radley a note? What does Atticus say when he finds out about their plan? How did Jem lose his pants? What did he find when he went back for them? What is the signifance of this ordeal in relation to the events that happen in the next few chapters?


yasmin F. said...

All of the actions that Arthur (Boo) Radley did where out of kindness. This proves that Boo is really a good person. He just wants to help people, but he is too afraid of what they will say to him if he shows up.
Dill and Jem want to give the note to Scout, because they want him to show himself.
Jem lost his pants when he was running, but then got caught in the school fence. Then, when he went back to get them, his pants were sown up on the ripped parts, and neatly folded on top of the fence.

Ms. R. said...

You really didn't respond to the entire question, Yasmin.

sheril said...

The Boo Radley game was where Scout would pretend to be Mrs. Radley, Dill would pretend to be Mr. Radley, and Jem would pretend to be Boo Radley.
Later in the chapters Dill and Jem decide to put a note on one of the windows in the Radley house. They do this because they are curious about Boo Radley and want him to come out of the house.
When Atticus finds out about this game he talks to the children and tells them that they should not mimic and torture the more man. After the kids are not allowed to play the Boo Radley game, they plan to go to the backyard of the Radley house and try to see Boo. So when they go it is late at night. Scout, Dill, and Jem all go during the night. They sneak through the fence and once to the window they climb up and see something move. Then they realize that the figure is moving towards them, so they took off running. When they got to the fence Jem stayed last so that he could help Dill and Scout get out and when he tried to pass under the fence, he got stuck. Jem had been so panicked that he ripped himself out of his pants and left his pants stuck in the fence.
They then hear a gunshot and the whole nieghborhood is awoken and go to the Radley place. Nathan Radley says that there had been a "nigger" running around his collards.
When Jem, Scout, and Dill arrive to the scene (they wanted to come because they did not want people to suspicion that it was them who had been in the Radley property), Atticus and Aunt Rachel notice that Jem is without his pants. Dill then makes up a lie that he had won Jem's pants in a game of stip poker. Aunt Rachel gets mad with Dill but Atticus later calms her down.
Later that night, Jem goes back for his pants and when he comes back he tells Scout that is pants had been folded and sewn laying ontop of the fence. The significance of this is that Arthur Radley really cared about the children and did not want them to get into trouble. It also showed that Boo Radley was a friend in discise.

isabela S said...

This game that Jem, Scout and Dill played by the Radley house was when they all pretended to be one of the family members of the Radley's. They would get very close to the house and do pretent to do what the real Radley family members do. They practised doing this so many times, that in the end they even made a skit to go with it.
When Atticus found out that they were playing this game he told them to stop and to leave the Radley's house alone.
Jem lost his pants because they were playing around again inside the Radley's fence. They heard someone coming outside. So Jem, Dill, and Scout hid. When the figure was gone, the started running to get over the fence. But Jem got his pants cought, so he just took them off. When Jem went back to get his pants the next day, the hole that was made by the fence was sowed, and the pants were folded across the fence. This shows that someone in that house was a very kind person, to take them time to sow the hole and put them across the fence neatly. And that person was Boo.

sora cho said...

Just as everyone said, the children were supposedly acting like the Radley family. The children went to the Radley house and observed how the family lived. Soon, the children got bored and decided to leave a note in the window of the Radley place asking if Boo Radley would come out of his house. Atticus caught the children doing this, and were scolded that it was Arthur's option whether to come out or not. Jem, Dill and Scout went during the night behind the porch of the Radley place to see how Boo really looked. However, something was coming towards them, making them worry. The children went under the fence, and Jem's pants caught. He had no choice but to take them of and leave. The next night, Jem decided to go get his pants. When he came back, he said that his pants were neatly folded and that someone had tried to sow the ripped part.
As Sheril said, this shows the affection Boo has towards the children. He likes to help the children and does not want to cause them problem, also to ask in an indirect way to stop teasing him.

Myong Su Lee said...

The Boo Radley game was when the children imitated the scenes that happened in Boo's life. Jem would be Boo, Scout; Mrs. Radley, and Dill would be Mr. Radley.
When Atticus found out about this game, he told the children to stop messing with the Radley's place and Boo Radley. He said it might be dangerous and to stop bothering the poor man.
After they are not allowed to play that game anymore, they plan to go see Boo in his house. They do this at night and sneak through the backyard. Suddenly, they hear a gunshot from Nathan Radley. The kids run and Jem's pants get stuck on a fence as they run.
Later on, he comes back for his pants to the Radley place. He finds out that his pants are folded and sewn and on the top of the fence. The significance of this is that someone is trying to be friendly with the children and that he cared for them.

Uin Kim said...

The Boo Radley game was a game where the children acted as if they were the members o the Radley family. They used the urban legends about him as a reference. Jem and Dill want to give Boo Radley a note because they are curious about him. They want to find out why he stays home, what he looks like, and if he really is scary. Atticus tells them not to do that because it is rude. One day, the children sneak into Boo Radley's backyard. Boo's brother, Nathan Radley, hears them and shoots at them thinking they are black people. As they escape Jem's pants get caught in the fence and Jem leaves it there to escape. When Jem went back to get them he found them mended and folded at the fence. This ordeal gives the impression that Boo is not bad. The person that fixed the pants had to be Boo, since we all know Nathan would not do that. Boo would not sew the pants if he were a bad person.

adrian said...

ok in order to put this into an easier form I am going to do it in bullet form.

• The Boo Radley Game was where Scout, Jem, and Dill would “recreate” the lifestyle in the Radley place. In the game Dill would play as Mr. Radley, Scout as Mrs. Radley, and Jem as Boo Radley. They would also dare each other to touch the Radley place or get close to it.

• Jem and Dill want t give Boo Radley a note to see if they can get him to come out. Jem and Dill idealize a plan with Scout that consists of: getting behind the Radley place and one of them sneaks in the note through an opening with a pole, while the others watch out for pass biers.

• When Atticus found out about Jem, Dill, and Scout’s plan he was not exactly excited about it. He told them to stop at once and to quit “tormenting that poor man’s life.

• Jem looses his pants when he was running at full speed from the Radley place the night that they tried to see inside the house. Earlier that night Jem had gotten this “feeling” that he had to go to the Radley place and check something out. When they got to the Radley place and into the front porch, they saw a shadow, heard two gun shots and made a run for it. When Jem tried to climb the fence he got his pants caught on to it and decided that hey weren’t as important as his life, so he left them there.

• Jem’s pants were supposed to be literally ripped apart from the way that he got out of them, but when he got back they were at the complete opposite. Jem’s pants were sown together!? But the sewing was not like if a skilled person had done it… was kind of an improvised type of sewing.

• Hmm this “ordeal means that Boo (I think that it was him that had sown the pants) has already started caring even MORE for Jem and Scout